With a brokerage name like Market Experts Realty, our team (Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team) takes very seriously our promise to be your true market expert.  For this reason, we don't serve every single market and every single potential client.  We operate more like a CPA firm, a physician's office, or a law firm where dedicated experts on our team specialize in the following areas: 

Houses on land.  We have a passion and a proven approach to helping folks sell and buy houses on 1-5 acres. There are many considerations when selling or buying a home with acreage.  Sellers most often undervalue their "non-house" assets and fail to tell the story of life on land without the help of a focused "homes on land" expert.  We also assist at extensive levels in the remodel and redesign of older houses and properties on acreage.  We have several specialists on our team serving owners and soon-to-be owners of homes with large properties included. 

Golf course homes:  More than one of our team members focus on houses that border or view golf courses.  There are quite a few unique aspects of owning a home on a golf course our niche experts utilize our proprietary marketing plan for marketing and selling these homes on behalf of our incredible seller clients as well as locating and negotiating favorable agreements for our discerning buyer clients.  There is more to the process than loving the game of golf or the view of the course!

Houses with swimming pools:  One of the biggest mistakes we see DFW home sellers make is considering a home with a pool "just like any other house."  This is certainly not the case and with the current concerns and demands of home buyers, this is an extremely short-sighted view.  Considering the potential liabilities, expenses, learning curve, and long-term maintenance of a pool along with the recreational benefits is serious business.  If sellers are not working with a dedicated expert who focuses on this property type, they run a very high risk of shrinking their audience of buyers, therefore minimizing urgency and competition and leading to lower and slower sales.  Buyers who want pools are in an equally risky situation if not working with a professional with specialized knowledge beyond general inspections and estimates for regular service.  Our team has agents so passionate about swimming pools they've built their careers around them.

$300,000 + neighborhood homes: Yes, there is a unique and strategic way to market and sell neighborhood homes and there is definitely a right and wrong way to market and sell homes at specific price points.  Our "Over/Under Guarantee" was built in the neighborhoods of North Texas from west Fort Worth to East of Dallas.  Our offices in Richardson and Fort Worth allow us to serve not all, but most neighborhoods in DFW.  We deeply believe in expertise, so when we are not the best option to help you buy or sell a home, we'll tell you and more often than not, we'll introduce you to a broker who can do a great job for you.

Probate / Estate Sales:  We regularly work with top-notch probate and estate attorneys to assure that properties are sold or transferred quickly and with minimal time, energy and effort invested by family members, administrators or executors.  This is a tedious process that blends real estate expertise with process management and a true concern for people in a highly emotional environment.  Our gifted team members truly thrive in this area. 

Homes that have failed to sell:  These homes have often been "on the market" with another Realtor before, but for a variety of reasons (usually one of three) failed to sell.

*** Our team members certainly have expertise in other areas, but the above-referenced specialties are major focus areas for our team and huge value adds for our awesome clients.